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Senior Capstone Project - Pennsylvania State University 2021

Dezignfest is a poster competition and digital creative festival that encourages creatives to experiment and solve problems in unconventional ways.

Project Brief

Taking place over my final 15 week semester, this capstone project highlights my passion for experimentation through design and love of complex problems.

Project Description and Inspiration

Finding community is an essential tool in expanding your understanding and skillset as a creative. Dezignfest acted as a networking solution for designers and creatives alike who felt isolated by standard competition practices.

Using a 30hr window for designers to execute a poster design that solves the selected brief, Dezignfest uses this all-night digital adventure to create recognition, form community, and ignite inspiration amognst it's competitors.

Project Role

Art direction, website design, social strategy, and brand identity design done by myself.

Project Timeline

15 Weeks - Spring 2021


Pennsylvania State University

Awarded Graphis Honorable Mention 2021

Fully executed and created by myself.

Let's be coworkers.
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