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Spring '22 Brand Campaign

Rothy’s is a sustainable shoe brand that believes in doing things differently, starting with putting the planet and it’s people first.

Project Brief

We partnered with Rothy’s to reintroduce their brand to the world, harnessing the genius of Rothy’s to tell a unique story that champions their iconic products in order to get people thinking: What are those?

Campaign Positioning

That’s more like it.  It’s a stamp of approval for the consumer and for Rothy’s as a brand. We’re saying ‘yes’ to the world we want to see.


In this campaign, we explore the abundant joy and optimism that comes from wearing a pair of these shoes. With a sharp and irreverent spark, that we call the Rothy’s Effect, we’ll show that you can have it all in Rothy’s.

Project Role

Designer creating campaign assets such as logo lockups and layout as well as leading OOH, digital, and paid social deliverables.

Project Timeline

Spring 2022


Agency: YARD NYC

Creative Director: Jillian Haney

Copy Director: Harrison Combs
Director and Photographer: Jacob Sutton
Choreography: Amy Gardner
BTS Photography: Gwen Rodgers

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