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Pennsylvania State University Undergraduate Project

A data visualization motion graphic illustrating one of the 17 United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Project Brief

The United Nations has formulated 17 goals of sustainable development that will help lead us to thriving communities and a healthier planet. By creating a data visualization graphic that explains the risks of our pressure on the planet, I’ve created a conversation centered in communal growth and development.

Campaign Positioning

Inspired by the amount of time we share together as strangers utilizing public transportation, I’ve created an animated data visualization of the United Nation’s Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. Using grid symmetry aesthetics and an amiable tone of voice, I begin to navigate the reality of the issues relating to sustainability: the power of choice.


Many people feel disconnected to the pursuit of a cleaner earth, so we make the passive choice to not participate. By presenting the information as a communal reliance, rather than an isolated journey to a cleaner planet, I’m presenting the choice of creating paying attention to your actions, not only for yourself but for your friends and fellow humans as well.

Project Role

Conceptualized, researched, designed, and executed all video editing and copy writing.

Project Timeline

3 Weeks - Fall 2020


Pennsylvania State University

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Self-executed and directed.

Thank you.

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