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Spring '22 Brand Campaign

Athleta introduces the Transcend Tight an exclusive second-skin fabric that embraces freeing feeling of embracing your most powerful self. 

Project Brief

A woman has limitless potential. And she should feel free to embrace it. That’s why Athleta designed the Transcend Tight, to support her freedom, not restrict it.

In this campaign, we lean into its innovation and functionality, in order to show women everywhere that the Transcend Tight will keep her feeling free to be her most powerful self.

Campaign Positioning

Introducing the Transcend Tight, a new kind of exclusive fabric technology and close-knit technology for superior stretch by Athleta. Embracing women’s limitless potential, this campaign illustrates The Transcend Tight as a catalyst that allows you to rise figuratively and, in this case, literally into the air. Crafted to feel like nothing, engineered to do anything, feeling is believing with Athleta. 

Project Role

Assisted as a designer in art direction and casting.

Project Timeline

Spring 2022


Agency: YARD NYC

Senior Designer: Mirelle Mayas
Copy Director: Pooja Kolluri
Style Director: Teng Phour
Director and Photographer: Emma Tempest
Choreographer: Emma Chadwick

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