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Undergraduate Independent Study - Brand Identity Design

LUDUS is a personable and discrete condom brand that encourages lovers to prioritize their sexual health.

Project Brief

Taking place over the course of a 15 week semester and awarded the Student Engagement Network grant, this independent study challenged our team to solve complex problems related to our social and personal relationships with sexual health.

Campaign Positioning

Taking inspiration from the greek muses (Iphis, Artemis, and Sappho) we created a brand identity that encourages an open attitude and comfort to condom usage, something not seen in standard marketing practices involving these types of contraceptives.

Project Role

Met with medical professionals and conducted user

research studies, as well as co-designed and conceptualized the e-commerce application and brand identity.

Project Timeline

Fall 2020 - Spring 2022


Pennsylvania State University

Awarded Student Engagement Network Grant

Collaborators and Team: Emily Watkins and Cassie Luzenski

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