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Winning Student Campaign for the Penn State University Park Campus

In collaboration with PEPSICO’s LIFE WTR, our team designed an exclusive brand campaign made specifically for the Penn State University Park campus.

Project Brief

Having the privilege of collaborating with Pepsi Co’s LIFE WTR as design students, we were asked to create a comprehensive brand campaign, with OOH applications, for the Series 9 bottle and its accompanying artwork. 

Campaign Positioning

Taking place over a 15 week semester, this project uses the LIFE WTR bottle as a lens for viewing the positive within the abnormalities of our everyday life starting in 2020.


Using the tagline Clarity Within Chaos, we created a composition that used the clear water droplets as a magnified viewport into the floral and vibrant background.

Project Role

Co-conceptualized and executed art direction, photography, and OOH deliverables.

Project Timeline

15 Week Fall Semester


Pennsylvania State University

Winning Campaign for the University Park Campus

Collaborators and Team: Emily Watkins, Cassie Luzenski, and Emily Parker

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